Jesus, God and that

When I was a Street Pastor, a young man asked me, “Do you really believe in Jesus, God and that?”  It was the honesty and the bluntness in the question that I admired.

And “that” – transformed my thinking about how I talked about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.

As I train for ministry, remind me to keep Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit relevant and simple. Because simplicity is key.  Jesus came to make it simple.

Jesus is a real bloke, and being a Christian is about a real friendship with that bloke.
A bloke that cares.
A bloke that just happens to be God’s son.
A bloke that died on a cross and lives now, so we can each know God.
(Did you read that?  Know God.)
There’s something special about this bloke Jesus.
Something about Him that I love and can’t live without.


Lead me not into over complication and deliver me from churchy language.
For Yours is the mission and the story.
Now and forever.
So be it.


One thought on “Jesus, God and that

  1. Spot on Ang. I had a friend called Mandy who was Down’s syndrome she wanted to take communion, there was opposition as some said she couldn’t understand what it was about, I said if there is one person on this earth that God can’t reach then God isn’t God. That is how simple it is this Gospel about that bloke called Jesus. Again m8 spot on.

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