What becomes of the frozen hearted?

*Plot spoiler alert – If you don’t want to know how Disney’s Frozen movie ends, then don’t read this blog.*

For the first time this week (and probably not the last) I have seen the Disney film Frozen. Despite being about cold weather, it’s fitting that the dvd was released at Easter.

The movie begins with big burly men cutting up blocks of ice, warning us (the viewers) to beware the frozen heart. This is followed by a grandpa troll warning the same. All designed by the writer to get the viewer to wonder who has the frozen heart? Who should we be wary of?

The movie follows two sisters Elsa and Anna. Elsa has magical powers that allows her to create ice, snow, and various cold stuff. Anna is a lot of fun. Neither seems particularly cold-hearted. But as the movie progresses, Elsa becomes afraid of her inability to control her powers and locks herself away in an ice castle of her own making. She sings freedom in the song “Let It Go”, but is anything but free. Anna goes to find her sister and ends up getting hit by one of Elsa’s icy blasts. Anna’s heart gets frozen by her sister Elsa.

At this point, I asked my daughter, “Who has the frozen heart?”

She thought for a moment, and then answered, “Depends on what you mean. If you mean physically frozen, then it’s Anna. Because Elsa accidentally froze her heart. If you mean in the way of trying not to care and staying away from people, then it’s Elsa, because she’s alone in her castle.”

As the movie continues, we discover that an act of true love can thaw Anna’s frozen heart and save her. In true Disney fashion, they look for a prince. But then, there is a twist…  The act of true love that saves Anna’s life is not the kiss from a prince. The act of true love is Anna dying to save her sister’s life.

Anna gave up her life to save her sister. The one who had sentenced her to death in the first place – albeit unintentionally.  It is at this point that Elsa realises how to control her icy powers, so she can thaw her sister Anna’s frozen heart.

How do you thaw a frozen heart? Love.

That one act of true love thawed both the hearts of Anna and Elsa.

And of course, being a theology student, it all reminded me of Jesus – seeing how love transforms Elsa and then the whole town she is queen of – right up until her sister Anna punches the baddie. Then I am reminded again that this is not quite the gospel, but you get the point.

As I write this, Jimmy Ruffin’s Motown classic “What becomes of the broken hearted?” echoes in my mind. Thus the name of the blog. What does become of the frozen hearted? Can the fearful find the “peace of mind” that Jimmy Ruffin sings of?

Whatever has happened – don’t lock yourself away out of fear like Elsa did.

Choose love. Love thaws the frozen heart and brings new life.

It’s springtime. Let the thawing begin.

(If you want to see the ending but don’t own the movie, google “Frozen Ending (part 1)”, and you may possibly find it.)


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