What a cute baby?

Picture the scene. You are at your birthday party, looking forward to celebrating your arrival into the world with your family and friends. You are looking forward to celebrating all that has happened in your life and how thankful you are for your friends and family. But they don’t see you. They are too busy looking at your baby pictures. Especially the day you were born. That was a great story! Nothing seemed to go to plan! And as important as that day was, you find yourself wondering when they are going to look at the pictures of you receiving a Nobel Peace Prize?

Okay, maybe that wasn’t you? Wasn’t me either! But that imaginative scene was to get us thinking about what Christmas could be like to Jesus.

I was listening to Rend Collective’s Campfire Christmas and the song “O Come All Ye Faithful.” (http://youtu.be/bdnaxk-LDcY) A Christmas carol I have sung all my life. I was singing (in my head, because I was on the train) the bit “O come let us adore him” and found myself thinking about little baby Jesus in the manger. Just as I am about to gush (again in my mind) about how cute baby Jesus must have been, I heard God say, “I’m not a baby.”

Me: “But I’m adoring you, God. Like the song says. We do that every year.”

God: “But I am not a baby. I was a baby. I like babies. But I am not a baby.”

Then (again in my head) I saw a fully grown adult Jesus. I remembered stories from the gospels about his life, then I remembered that Jesus is right with God now, and of course with me via the Holy Spirit.

As important as His coming into the world was (and it IS so important!!), I shouldn’t get so fixed on the image of the baby that I forget the man He grew up to be. When I adore the baby Jesus, I also need to be in adoration of the man Jesus. Jesus who was the Son of God, who loved the world and God so much that He lived and breathed God. Jesus crucified. Jesus raised to life and reigning with God. Jesus who defeated evil. Jesus who was/is/will be God, was with God in the beginning and will be with God at the end.

As Rend Collective sing, “Gather round the throne before Him,” I realise that “O Come All Ye Faithful” isn’t just an invitation to see a cute little baby in a cradle. It’s an invitation to witness God’s works then and now. To participate fully in the life God has planned. “To seek Him while He may be found” (Isaiah 55:6). And He may be found, because He is calling you to Him! Saying “Come and follow me. Let me show you what I’ve been up to…”

I don’t know about you, but that’s an invitation I can’t refuse.

This Christmas, go beyond Christmas, because Christmas is only just the beginning of all the wonders God has. God bless you and Happy Christmas!


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