About that Bass

Bass lines matter.

Although usually you don’t notice the bass, at least not consciously, it is there. Bass is the reason you clap your hands, tap your toes or bob your head. People think it’s the drums, but every bassist will tell you it’s all about the bass.

Because if the bass line isn’t quite right, you soon know about it.

Imagine disco’s Blame It on the Boogie with a reggae bass line? Or country’s 9 to 5 with a Glen Miller walking bass line? Mix it up, you might end up with a new top 40 like Ronson. But unless you are a musical genius, chances are it will end up a mess.

As God’s people, we have a bass line. In Mark 12, a fellow that spent a lot of time writing out God’s written word for people in the Temple asked Jesus what the most important commandment was. He was probably thinking of the big 10. But Jesus didn’t give him one of the 10 Commandments. Instead Jesus gave him the bass line of the music of God’s kingdom – A solid ‘love God’ rhythm syncopated with ‘love people’.

Love God. Love People.

If we, as God’s people, don’t operate within the tune of God’s bass line, if we miss a beat, the world soon knows it. Miss out “Love God”, the beat loses its drive. Miss out “Love People” and the beat loses its rhythm. Without both, something just isn’t quite right in the sound we are making.

As Paul wrote to the Corinthians, without love, our potential music just becomes a noisy gong.

But when it is right, WE DANCE!


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