A Sparrowhawk and Pigeon Feathers

Two days ago, a female sparrowhawk killed a woodpigeon in my garden. The pigeon was about the same size and wasn’t about to give up without a fight. But the sparrowhawk was hungrier than the pigeon’s determination to live. Thirty minutes after the pigeon lost the fight, all that was left were pigeon bones and scattered feathers.

We cleaned up what was left, but the feathers remained scattered.

That was two days ago.

Today the sparrows are building nests in the ivy. Together they gather material from our garden. The soft downy pigeon feathers make perfect nesting material.  Out of the death of one pigeon, a sparrowhawk may lay eggs of her own this year, with many sparrows lining their nests for their chicks too.  It probably brings little comfort to the pigeon, but its death means the sparrows and sparrowhawk can live.  For now.

Out of death, new life.

In many churches, this week is called holy week. A time to remember Jesus, God and that. To think about the cross and the death of Jesus. To think about what the miracle of His ressurection means for you and for me – for all of us.

A time to remember that out of death comes life. Out of despair, hope.

Whatever is happening in your life right now – whether springtime and joy or pain and sadness – I pray that God blesses you this Easter time.  I pray for new life and hope for you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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