Roots line the ground

Like sticks stuck in soil

Moss covered

from years

of lying in the shade

They appear disjointed


A chaotic mess

“They just happen.

Some things will never change”

Some look at humanity the same way

But science, faith and experience tell me

roots are connected.

Even if I cannot see the connection,

I see the living tree spreading its branches

across the shore of the lake.

These roots are connected.

There is nourishment to be found

where these roots are.

A man wrote a letter to his friends,

a letter written on a scroll, placed like a stick into someone’s hand.

Just one of many sticks, but this one said,

“For this reason I kneel before Father God,

from whom every family in heaven

and on earth derives its name” (Ephesians 3:14-15).

Although we cannot always see it, we are connected

Every family derives its family name from the same family source

And sustenance,

nourishment can be found

when we trace our roots to the source,

To God,

And kneel

So He may strengthen us within,

Root us in His love.


(A reflection on Ephesians 4:14-18)


2 thoughts on “Roots

  1. I never know whether you get these replies. Must admit I’ve got lost a bit on this one will talk with you next time.
    Have used the Walnut one a few times over the last few weeks, especially when talking about our food bank customers.
    Some of them really get to you when they are brash and sassy about it and show no gratitude until you realise that’s the shell that
    Hides their vulnerability, our job is to break that shell and find the goodness within. Once again, thanks Sis.

    • Yes, I read every coment. I just haven’t been very good at replying. Sorry, my friend! Thing is with poetry – if you don’t understand it – I’ve either written it well or badly 🙂 Glad the Walnut one has been helpful!
      God bless you, brother.

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