Take Me Home

Home.  Home.

What is home?  Is home a place of birth?  Where you live now?  Where significant people are?  The place where all the moments that shaped you happened?  Or the place that shapes who you are now and who you will become?

Is home a place?  A feeling?  An address?  Or a name?

Is home a place of security?  Or a place where you are forced to acknowledge your frailty?  A place of strength?  Or great weakness?

A place where hope is ignited?  Or shattered?

What is home?

Recently I’ve rediscovered the album Serious Hits Live by Phil Collins.  As I listen to the song Take Me Home, I pause.  I think of the people.  I think of migrants like me, living out the “best of both worlds,” able to go home when time and finances allow, but whose hearts are constantly trying to straddle two continents.  I think of people on the news, tired of living in refugee camps but unable to go to their homeland, huddled with their families or tired of waiting and walking to see how far they can get.  I think of a man, living on the streets of Manchester, existing between the life he once lived and the life he could be living, hoping this winter he will find a hostel without “the nutters”.

The cry “Take Me Home” is growing.  This heartfelt cry isn’t just a “one day dream” but a cry rising up – a sacred cry.  “Take me home!” cries those kicked off their lands, because of war or famine.  “Take me home” cries the child crossing Europe in a crowd of strangers, trying to find refuge.  “Take me home” cries the man asking you for some change as you pass by.

A tent, a room in a hostel, a bed – food and shelter – these are wonderful, but these things aren’t home.

So – what is home?

God, I pray for those seeking home today.  I pray for those stuck between homes.  I pray they find home.  I pray they always remember who they are and realise the hope and potential of who they will be in You.  Help us hear their cries.  Guide us and our leaders in how to respond.  Amen


2 thoughts on “Take Me Home

  1. This one squeezed some water from between my eyelids. Was walking round Tarn hows this afternoon the weather was glorious the views breathtaking but it isn’t home, it’s a few minutes away from all the hurt, pain, sickness and sin of this world, our own as well as others. Our spirit cries out for the day when it is not like this, when we are truly Home. But till then, Thankyou for being a friend on that journey.

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