Serious Business

So we were all travelling, just walking along the road, when the Sons of Thunder start again. James and John were all “Jesus, do what we say. Jesus, give us the best positions in your company, you know when you take this world over, like Bill Gates. Make us your right and left hand men!”

Me and the other disciples were like “whatever, James and John, whatever.” Cue eye rolls.

And Jesus, he doesn’t tell them off. Instead Jesus was all “Oh aye, you sure about that? You ready to shoulder the responsibility I carry? You think you can handle the pressure? You do realise you two will be dragged into the boardroom with me when Lord Alan is looking for someone to blame! Things won’t go the way he planned, because it isn’t his plan. It’s God’s.”

“No worries, Jesus” they said.

Yeah, right. Jesus was only just telling us about how he was going to be arrested and killed. As if the Sons of Thunder would stomach that. They’ve been working on Daddy’s boats all their lives!

“Thing is,” Jesus said, “it’s God’s business. I’m the Son. It’s not up to me, lads.”

“Too right”, “the cheek”, “who do they think they are?”, “Mummy’s boys” we muttered. I don’t think any of us realised that Jesus had heard until he stopped and looked at us all.

Jesus said, “You know, friends, the business of this world, it’s all about what you can do, it’s all about getting the best positions. It’s all about the rat race or the American dream. Rugged individualism or friends in high places. People like to make sure that they are the ones that keep others in their place. But God’s business is different. And you need to do business God’s way. It’s a simple business plan. The most savvy, cut-throat business folk of this world wouldn’t buy into it. Serve. That’s it. Serve God. Serve everyone you meet.”

And when Jesus saw the unbelievable penny start to drop, he added, “This world wants you to make a name for yourself, but God’s ways are different. Even I didn’t come to be served. I came to serve. I came to give my life.”


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