Christmas and the red-nosed reindeer

Christmas is all about the deer, especially the red-nosed one.  Seriously.

That red-nosed deer was the weirdo, and Christmas is about the weirdo, the odd-ball, the one we don’t know what to do with.  (Should we bring gold, frankincense or myrrh? I dunno! Let’s bring all three just in case.)  Christmas is about that one who isn’t like us, yet for some reason wants to join in our games.  Christmas is about that one who is different, yet chooses to live with us, get involved in our mess, share his light with us. THAT one who is tiny and awkward, yet becomes surprisingly strong and powerful. That one that points the way through the darkest of times.

Christmas is about the impossible. Flying reindeer?! What on earth? Who dreamt that one up?? Too much ale? Too much egg nog? Some kind of “spirit” was involved for sure, yet every December children – adults even – dream of the impossible.  Flying reindeer bringing the hope of something better. Something more fun. Something more colourful. Something different. Another Spirit (the holy, non-alcoholic kind) brings dreams of hope.  This Spirit brings power for humanity to fly into the impossible, as that Spirit creates the impossible, bringing God’s dreams into reality.

Christmas is about the gift we never knew we wanted and daren’t even ask for just suddenly showing up whilst we were busy doing the things we normally do.  Only instead of whatever this year’s “must have” hoverboarding, Furry Creature, tablet brought to us by reindeer, God gives God’s self.

Immanuel. God with us.  God, the strange, holy, unquantifiable one, “moving into the neighbourhood” (John 1:14 MSG).

God bringing light, showing the way through Jesus.

God bringing vulnerable hope into a chaotic world.

God showing us how different things could be from how they are.

By being born a baby

By living life as a man until death

By rising from the dead and giving the gift of new life to all who will receive it.

You see…. Christmas is all about the red-nosed reindeer, but the red-nosed reindeer isn’t real.

Jesus is.  Really.


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