Mince Pie with Brandy Butter

Twenty years ago, I was introduced to the concept of mince pies.  At first, I was sceptical.  I mean, sure it looked like a pie, but at the heart of this pie lurked raisins and fruit.  I tried the traditional English Christmas pudding (also raisins and fruit), and I have to say I was not a fan.  Mince pie was surely just Christmas pudding in pie form, right?  For a few years, I gave it a miss.  But then one year I tried one and discovered I liked them.  Ever since I have eaten them cold, straight out of the box.

Until this year

This year, for the first time, someone offered me a warm mince pie with brandy butter.

And it was amazing!  How had I not experienced this before?  Looking back, I realised that for every Christmas for the past twenty years there were mince pies available, and I knew brandy butter existed.  Someone had always put a tub of brandy butter on the family Christmas buffet table.  Somehow though I had never put the two together.  With all the decorations and food options available at Christmas, I had missed the obvious.

Until someone invited me to try it this year.

That person has completely transformed my mince pie experience!  There was no more going back to cold mince pies!  I can’t go back to the way things once were.  I can’t ‘untaste’ the brandy butter.  Forever my mince pie experience has been changed.

This experience has made me wonder how many other people (like me) completely miss the obvious at Christmas.  People enjoy the Christmas lights, the trees, the markets, the school nativity plays, the carol services, and office parties.  Everyone knows that Jesus Christ is there.  I mean – Christ – his name is in Christmas.  But I wonder how many people miss the obvious?  How many people celebrate Christmas every year and have yet to put two and two together?  How many people have never put brandy butter and mince pies together until someone invites them to?  How many people miss out on Jesus?

Because Jesus really is what Christmas is all about at its heart.  Sure Christmas started with baby Jesus being born, but everything in the story points to the type of Christ and Saviour that Jesus is today.  From the excitement of the shepherds to the gifts of the Magi, from the wonder of everyday folk like Mary and Joseph to the rage of the power-mad King Herod – everything points to the Saviour Jesus is now.

And so does Christmas.  From the lights (John 1:9; Revelation 21:23), to the trees (Acts 5:30), to the paper crowns in the crackers (Matthew 2:11; Revelation 4:10), to the music (Luke 2:13-14; Revelation 14:3), and so on.  It points to Jesus.  Now – not as a baby.

So if you have never experienced Jesus before, well, I am inviting you to give Him a try.  All you got to do it pray something simple like, “Jesus, I would like to get to know you better.  Please help me.”

Knowing Him like I do, He’ll respond.

If there is a church near you, I suggest you go and speak to someone and tell them that you have prayed this prayer.  They can then help you on your discovery of Jesus.

God bless you and happy Christmas!


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