When I was a Street Pastor, a young man asked me, “Do you really believe in Jesus, God and that?”  It was the honesty and the bluntness in the question that I admired.

And “that” – transformed my thinking about how I talked about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.

As I train for ministry, remind me to keep Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit relevant and simple. Because simplicity is key.  Jesus came to make it simple.

Jesus is a real bloke, and being a Christian is about a real friendship with that bloke.
A bloke that cares.
A bloke that just happens to be God’s son.
A bloke that died on a cross and lives now, so we can each know God.
(Did you read that?  Know God.)
There’s something special about this bloke Jesus.
Something about Him that I love and can’t live without.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this! When you come to Sevenoaks in September I have a gift for you – a tea-towel saying KISS.
    Keep it Simple Sweetheart!
    I have just returned from St Johns Hill AGM. I am excited at what God is doing here!
    I very much look forward to meeting you and partnering with you in sharing our friendship with those that don’t yet know Jesus.
    From Julie, xx
    Sevenoaks Area Youth Trust

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